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Digital alcohol detectors and breathalyzers, dip-and-read test strips, cups and kits designed to detect specific drugs, nicotine, alcohol or pregnancy in human urine or saliva for high school, teenager, employment, probation or corporate drug screening.
http://www.drugteststrips.comsite info

First aid, diabetic monitoring and diagnostic test kits, test strips, disinfectants, lancets, needles and syringes, face masks, scalpels, stethoscopes, thermometers, sutures, sterilization pouches and other medical and laboratory equipment and supplies.
http://www.rymattwellness.comsite info

Test kits for standard, prenatal and fatherless paternity, siblingship analysis, twin zygosity, DNA ancestry, nutritional genetic, family find, and infidelity/semen detection.
http://www.determigene.comsite info

Confidential at home test kits for common medical conditions and health concerns including allergy, alcohol, Alzheimer's, cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, drugs, Hepatitis C, HIV, hormone, sleep, stress, Thyroid and UTI. DNA tests are available as well.
http://www.healthhometest.comsite info

FDA cleared male infertility, pregnancy, fertility, menopause and ovulation home diagnostic screening tests, along with vitamins, dietary supplements, ginseng, pre-conception and green tea, tincture, candles, creams, and health related books and software.
http://www.thefertilityshop.comsite info

Drug screening, sexual health, thyroid, cancer, allergy, gout, diabetes and other blood testing kits, and services that take place at labs in the client's area. Laboratory orders cannot be processed for residents of New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.
http://www.medlabusa.comsite info

Supplements for men and women, anxiety relief, minerals, vitamins, weight management, blood type formulas, test kits, and consultations by board certified practitioners for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other biochemical imbalances.
http://www.integrativepsychiatry.netsite info

Water and air purification systems, testing kits, personal care and wellness items, supplements, infrared saunas, cleaning supplies, Kirlian photography, books and videos, and dowsing, massage, vision, magnetic, light and color therapy products.
http://www.cutcat.comsite info

Men and women's weight loss, energy booster, anti-stressor, Viagra alternative, bone building enhancer and anti-aging products as well as air purification systems and test kits for hair analysis, parasites and saliva.
http://www.unikeyhealth.comsite info

DNA profiling and banking, cell line authentication, genetic reconstruction, forensic and veterinary DNA testing services, maternity, paternity and family relationship, adoption and other accredited DNA testing services.
http://www.dnacenter.comsite info

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