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Beehives, starter kits, frames and foundations, packaging containers, processing tools, protective clothing, beekeeping supplies, equipment, parts and accessories for beekeepers along with bee breeders, suppliers and other beekeeping resources.
http://www.golden-bee.comsite info

Do-it-yourself pest control products including insect bait, cleaning and odor removal, granules, kits, ready to use sprays, equipment and supplies for spiders, bed bugs, mosquitoes, mites, yellow jackets and other home, business, lawn and garden pests.
http://www.jarrodspestproducts.comsite info

Complete hives with frames, feeding supplies, hive components, protective wear, processing equipment, queen excluders and rearing, smokers, traps, tanks, wax and many other bee keeping supplies.
http://www.brushymountainbeefarm.comsite info

Assortment of bird, rabbit and butterfly feeders, live animal traps, dog crates with sonic and electronic barriers, stray cat, deer and racoon control, rodent repellents, and more.
http://www.havahart.comsite info

Beekeeping supplies for the beginner to expert beekeeper. Alphabetical listing with everything from queen cages, protective clothing, pest control strips and bee medication to storage tanks, frame cleaners, swarm traps and liquid smoke.
http://www.mannlakeltd.comsite info

Aquatic plants, freshwater fish, insects, butteryfly larvae and food, chameleons, arthropods, worms and frogs for home or school science projects.
http://www.berkshirebiological.comsite info

Live frogs, lizards, salamanders, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, crickets and worms, tortoises, turtles, tropical fish, and hermit crabs. Associated supplies available.
http://www.reptilecity.comsite info

Houses, feeders and baths created to attract birds, butterflies, squirrels, ladybugs and bats to backyard gardens, bird identification software and posters, books, bird watching binoculars and spotting scopes, bird gift ideas and ornaments.
http://www.birdshopper.comsite info

Live insect kits, dissection collections, nets and cages, feeders, science kits and projects, reptile and wildlife themed CD-ROMs, books, videos, charts, posters, models, stationery, soft toys, jewelry, gifts, umbrellas, T-shirts, and tote bags.
http://www.naturepavilion.comsite info

Extensive collection of bird feeders: hopper, tube, window, platform and squirrel proof. Seed, suet and mealworms, birdbaths for the patio, houses and roosting boxes as well as shelter for ladybugs, butterflies and bats.
http://www.duncraft.comsite info

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