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Pregnancy and ovulation prediction tests, contraceptives, personal lubricants, feminine hygiene, intimate books, grooming and shaving products, and massage oils specifically for women.
https://www.pinkapple.comsite info

Covers new age, metaphysical, astrology, Tarot, self help, spirituality, Wicca, occult, psychology, health, nutrition and alternative health topics.
http://www.discountnewagebooks.comsite info

Astrology software and books for calculating and interpreting horoscopes, synastry for evaluating the aspects between two charts, asteroid calculation, transit list calculations, compatibility and natal reports.
http://www.halloran.comsite info

Clairvision books and knowledge tracks on planetary forces, alchemy, healing, meditation, awakening the Third Eye, death, subtle bodies and more.
http://www.clairvision.orgsite info

Astrology calculation as well as specialty programs and books - chart calculation, financial astrology, report writers, asteroid ephemerides, planetary phenomena. Order birth chart, forecast, personal numerology, relationship, and Maya/Aztec reports.
https://www.alabe.comsite info

Books on transcendental meditation, Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cookbooks, Jyotish and Vedic astrology, Vedic literature and Sanskrit studies, Sthapatya Veda, Western and Eastern mysticism, humor, psychology and personal growth.
http://www.21stbooks.comsite info

Witch balls, goddess candles, singing crystal bowls, moon jewelry, rune sets, asatru books, viking pendants, celtic watches, magical cloaks, enchanting dresses, and fairy themed mugs, T-shirts, art prints, necklaces, posters, and series figurines.
https://www.magicalomaha.comsite info

Esoteric, spirituality and astrology books and articles - aspects in astrology, astrocartography/relocation, eclipses, Kabbalah, past lives/reincarnation, mythology, planets, Solar returns, Synastry, transits/progressions, Vedic astrology.
http://www.wessexastrologer.comsite info

Sterling silver zodiac charm pendants, Tarot meanings, and astrology sheets, and a paranormality diary which features ghost hunting tips and an equipment list. Along with a selection of ESP tests to determine psychic ability.
http://www.paranormality.comsite info

Books on topics combining spiritual concepts with practical how-to: Tarot learning kit, astrology (Sun signs, Mercury retrograde, transiting Lunar nodes, Venus), Feng Shui basics, money and prosperity workbook.
http://www.etcpublishing.comsite info

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