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Large assortment of medieval and renaissance arms, armor and clothing for men, women and children. Includes: daggers, gauches, swords and maces as well as jerkins, shirts, gowns, and outfits for maidens.
https://www.ageofchivalry.comsite info

Medieval and Renaissance period clothing and battle weapons. Detailed replicas from museums, movies, private collections and comics: swords, knives, oriental swords, helmets, rapiers, shields, suits of armour, movie swords, axes, polearms and more.
https://www.museumreplicas.comsite info

Reproductions of US Civil War military, indian wars uniforms as well as civilian clothing of the period: firearms, weapons, buttons, insignia, chevrons, plates, headgear, tin goods, leather cavalry accessories and more.
https://www.ccsutlery.comsite info

Replicas of Viking, Roman, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Oriental of medieval armor and swords, axes, maces, spears, crossbows, shields, helmets, coat of arms, Medieval clothing and accessories: jackets, tunics, tights, dresses, vests, gowns.
https://swordsofhonor.comsite info

Historical clothing at affordable prices for medieval re-enactments, theatrical groups, renaissance faires, live action role playing, and storybook weddings.
http://www.fashionsintime.comsite info

Caribbean, classic, wench, and buccaneer style pirate costumes for men and women, as well as wigs, leather eye patches, beards, hats, cutlasses, pistols, telescopes, boots, hook hands, belts and rings.
http://www.buypiratecostumes.comsite info

Halloween, Christmas, superhero, sexy, movie, celebrity, historical, cartoon, funny and fancy dress costumes for ladies, men and children, along with make up and face paint, wigs, hats, masks, shoes, gloves, scarves, and other accessories. info

Men and women historical and medieval costumes from different epoques, including velvet shirts, peasant's and knight's shirts, fencing and gothic shirts, capes, cotton and lambskin jackets, pants, peasant's dress, bodice dresses, blouses and more.
https://www.leonardo-carbone.comsite info

Pirate shirts, pants, coats and vests, tunics, dresses and gowns, bodices, chemises, skirts, shirts, blouses, cloaks and other men's and women's and children's clothing for Medieval re-enactment, theatre, parties, festivals or wedding ceremonies. info

Music, books, period costumes, clothing and patterns from the 1800's, copper tea kettles and other kitchen accessories, old fashioned toys, and other goods for living history re-enactors.
https://www.smoke-fire.comsite info

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