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Personal and spiritual growth newsletters, audio CDs, books, videos, music, angel art greeting cards, heart health and weight loss supplements, handmade soap bars, tours and pilgrimages to India, and free audio, music and video selections.
http://www.consciouslivingfoundation.orgsite info

Different strains of Kratom powder and capsules extracted from the leaves of a tropical tree indigenous to Southeast Asia with medicinal properties, energy boosting, anti-diarrheal, analgesic, pain-relieving, sedative and anti-depressive effects.
http://www.onlinekratom.comsite info

Air and water purification systems, full spectrum lighting, small kitchen appliances, natural dog food, alternative therapy products, exercise equipment, nutritional supplements, foods, natural antibiotics, and electromagnetic radiation control.
http://www.aviva.casite info

Car seat, handheld, portable, heated, infrared, rolling, shiatsu, tapping, vibrating, percussion and pulsating massagers designed to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and fatigue, eyestrain, shoulder spasms, arthritic, back and neck pain.
http://www.chimassager.comsite info

For the relief of a variety of pains and aches. Products such as spine support belt, Optirest cervical pillow, natural topical pain relievers, Exerflex ball, knee separator, muscle relief supplements and heated herbal slippers.
http://www.reliefmart.comsite info

Canadian based service with foot and skin care creams, worm treatments, shampoos, laxatives, baby skin creams, eye drops, coral calcium, analgesics, antacids, allergy and cold relief, muscle relaxants and pain relief medication from worldwide pharmacies.
http://www.brandmeds.comsite info

Neem oil natural remedy for treatment of psoriasis, eczema, scabies, gum disease, burns and cuts, as well as mosquito and insect repellent cream, mouthwash, deoderant, shower gel, multi purpose cleaner, pet shampoo and toilet soap. info

Antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, probiotics, enzymes, essential fatty acids, detox formulas and other alternative medicine solutions and health advice from a naturopathic health clinic and compounding pharmacy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
http://www.nutrichem.comsite info

Cannabis flowers, seeds, concentrates, edibles, topical treatments and other medical cannabis products, along with holistic health services, support groups and wellness programs at a medical cannabis dispensary and wellness center in Oakland, California.
http://www.harborsidehealthcenter.comsite info

Isagenix anti-aging treatments, face, hand and body creams, antioxidants and other skin care products, whole-body nutritional supplements, cleansing programs and fat burning systems that clean and detoxify the body at the cellular and biological level.
http://www.embracinglife.comsite info

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