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Witch balls, goddess candles, singing crystal bowls, moon jewelry, rune sets, asatru books, viking pendants, celtic watches, magical cloaks, enchanting dresses, and fairy themed mugs, T-shirts, art prints, necklaces, posters, and series figurines.
https://www.magicalomaha.comsite info

A wide variety of Scottish & Celtic jewelry, incorporating tradition and heritage of Scotland, from the Picts to Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Including silver, gold, pewter, enamels, crosses and art nouveau gifts.
http://www.elizabethmcclymont.comsite info

Full range of gothic apparel, accessories and make up including catsuits, long and short dresses, skirts, PVC wear, spaghetti tops, T-shirts, dress and frill shirts, corsets/bustiers, trousers, hooded tops, gloves, hair extensions, and gothic jewelry. info

Original creators of handcrafted metaphysical jewelry, in a range of designs, including: celtic wedding rings, angel and tarot collections, available in in silver and gold.
http://www.wellstonejewelry.comsite info

Jewelry making supplies, and Wiccan, Pagan, silver, gold, Celtic, fantasy, goddess, Egyptian, Christian, Jewish, sports, and other themed pendants, chains, earrings, charms, toe rings, necklaces, beads, hair sticks, rings, charm holders, and bracelets.
https://www.silverenchantments.comsite info

Various New Age items, such as tarot decks, crystal balls, books, ear cones, jewelry, statues, candles and incenses. Psychic consultations and readings.
http://www.psychic-light.comsite info

Diverse and unique Celtic jewelry range, with medieval, diety and celestial designs. Items such as medallions, circlets, torcs and bracelets, earrings and pendants. Also find a selection of tapestries, rugs and scarves, all weather drums and more.
http://www.ancientcircles.comsite info

Gold and silver medieval, victorian, gothic, elven, fairy, celtic, gaelic and druidic earrings, headdresses, pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets in ruby, garnet, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and antique silver finishes.
http://www.bijouxmedievaux.comsite info

Wiccan books, incense sticks, cones, powder, holders and burners, scented and unscented ritual candles, oils, diffusers, herbal products, talismans, patches, amulets, necklaces, pentagrams, anklets, pendants, rings, statues, bumper stickers, and posters.
https://metapot.comsite info

Designed by Helen Chantler, purchase from the wide range of custom made Celtic jewelry. Includes items such as: celtic knots, pendants, rings and brooches, in gold and silver.
http://www.celticjewelry.comsite info

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