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Pendants, charms, herbs, jewelry, incense, amulets, magic/Wiccan books, ritual supplies, Tarot decks, candles, statues and other related items. With a selection of Pagan, healing, and meditation videos, and spells. Membership required to use chat room.
https://www.spellsofmagic.comsite info

Pagan-owned and operated company. Wide selection of jewelry, including chains, earrings and pentagrams. With books, herbs, incense, knives and swords.
http://www.theblessedbee.comsite info

Store serving the Pagan/Wiccan community by providing such items as: books, candles, herbs, incense, jewelry, oils, tarot and more.
http://www.ravensflight.netsite info

Self-proclaimed Wicca superstore boasts a large selection of altar supplies, books, herbs and jewelry. Browse through related articles and sign up for the newsletter.
http://www.isisbooks.comsite info

Witch balls, goddess candles, singing crystal bowls, moon jewelry, rune sets, asatru books, viking pendants, celtic watches, magical cloaks, enchanting dresses, and fairy themed mugs, T-shirts, art prints, necklaces, posters, and series figurines.
https://www.magicalomaha.comsite info

Horoscope and octology readings, spell kits, and voodoo/wanga dolls that have a large array of uses such as returning lost loves, revenge, hexes, finding money, winning at gambling, and others.
https://www.calastrology.comsite info

Discussion forum, encyclopedia, newsletters, marketplace and community dedicated to paranormal collectors of all kinds including custom magic, enchantments, psychic reading, divination, paranormal energy, haunted artifacts and spirit keeping.
https://www.creepyhollows.comsite info

Books on Taoism, Qigong Theory and recovering from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, along with Chinese herbs, internal cleanse filters and Tao elixirs.
https://abodetao.comsite info

Wiccan books, incense sticks, cones, powder, holders and burners, scented and unscented ritual candles, oils, diffusers, herbal products, talismans, patches, amulets, necklaces, pentagrams, anklets, pendants, rings, statues, bumper stickers, and posters.
https://metapot.comsite info

Incense, herbs, mortars and pestles, candles, altar cloths and tiles. Chalices, oils, crystal balls and stands along with tarot decks and related metaphysical, occult and witchcraft supplies.
https://www.azuregreen.netsite info

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