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First and third person "Point & Click" adventure games, horizontal shooters, scrolling platform arcades and children puzzle and maze games. Hints or complete walkthroughs for the adventure games section.
http://www.ambrosine.comsite info

Distributes a large variety of popular games: action, simulation, strategy and role playing games. Some titles are: Quake, Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Spider-man. Downloadable demos and patches as well as virtual shop
http://www.activision.comsite info

Imagine exploring a giant medieval world filled with creatures and people that are more than just sprites. Control Dink, a pig farmer who dreams of going on an adventure to prove that he is a great hero. info

Play Graal Classic, Graal 2001, and Graal New World. Select or design character’s appearance, design quests, or build and submit levels of play.
http://www.graalonline.comsite info

Old VGA adventure game, King's Quest type game with arcade fighting sequences. Enter the world of Kings and Castles, of Dragons and Lovely Princesses. A story filled with both good and evil that begins with "many years ago there was a King..."
http://www.gamecrafters.comsite info

Move around in a tiled world and fight in a simple turn based fight against one enemy at a time. Play the role of a young hero who quests to avenge his family's death and gets caught up in more than he bargained for. info

Defeat the Dragon Slayer, that aims to annihilate the dragon race. Rescue kidnapped children, restore peace to the land in order to become the Warrior Dragon
http://www.lumental.comsite info

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