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Astrology resources for professional astrologer, student, amateur or personal use. Charting and calculations, Tibetan astrology, oracle, astro kaleidoscope, biorhythm and Tarot software. Articles, reviews, learning tools, personalized astrology reports.
http://www.astrologysoftware.comsite info

Standard, professional and web editions of graphical astrology software packages for astrology bureaus, research scholars, home users and web sites. Also find computerized horoscope, numerology, zodiac predictions, life analysis and annual guidance plans.
http://www.horosoft.netsite info

Astrology software and books for calculating and interpreting horoscopes, synastry for evaluating the aspects between two charts, asteroid calculation, transit list calculations, compatibility and natal reports.
http://www.halloran.comsite info

Features natal charts, current transits, aspect/midpoint grid, local horizon, Solar system orbit, astro-graph map, graphic ephemeris, world and constelation globe.
http://www.astrolog.orgsite info

Lunabar - shows the current phase of the moon, the times of moonrise, moon southing, moonset, the zodiacal constellation and signe. Features include printing, support, reference material and multiple language support.
http://www.clysmic.comsite info

Solar Fire series of programs for predictive astrology, relationship, classical and horary, cosmobiology and Uranian esoteric, locational and Vedic astrology. Solar Maps, tools for astro-mapping, relocational astrology and local space astrology. info

Astrology package for pocket devices - features dual chart display for transits and synastry, asteroids, Solar returns, transneptunians, pars of fortune, composite charts and harmonics, progressions and directions.
http://www.yves.robert.orgsite info

Graphical astrology software for professionals. Calculates and builds astrological charts, natal chart interpretation, detailed information on every cuspid, planet, aspect, master position, ephemerides and more.
http://www.astroquick.frsite info

Astrology calculation as well as specialty programs and books - chart calculation, financial astrology, report writers, asteroid ephemerides, planetary phenomena. Order birth chart, forecast, personal numerology, relationship, and Maya/Aztec reports.
http://www.alabe.comsite info

Tarot card software, which contains a game that can be played alone or with friends.
http://www.esperienzediluce.comsite info

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