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Orbit Xplorer - explore the orbits of satellites, planets, moons and stars and lab exercises in gravitational physics. Interference - study the interference pattern of two circular waves. Designed for for the middle school and college level students.
http://www.ottisoft.comsite info

Simulator used to illustrate the appearance of fast moving objects due to special relativity: Doppler red/blue shift, Lorentz transforms and optical aberration, the headlight effect. info

Equipotential Surfaces - shows the electric potential and field lines for many kind of charges (point, linear, page and conductive spheres). Draw 2D & 3D equipotential surfaces. Designed to help high school and college students to visualize electrostatics
http://www.electrostatics.20m.comsite info

Educational physics application for the simulation of Newtonian dynamics. Displays the motion of objects in 3D. A few examples are: damped oscillation, simulation of a rope, two chaotic oscillators with approximately equal initial conditions.
http://www.physiki.comsite info

A physical simulation of a chaos system, influenced by gravity. Two fixed masses on one plane influence a third mass by power of gravitation. The result is an arrangement in a chaotic and unpredictible system, regardless of mass or distance.
http://www.mosche.desite info

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