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Advanced Sysinfo Tool and Reporting Assistant-performs computer configuration analysis and provides detailed information on computer hardware and its working modes.
http://www.sysinfolab.comsite info

Programs that inform you of a callers identity with screen popups, voice alerts, paging and email alerts. Other benefits include call blocking, call waiting, speed dialing, phone logs and a built in contact list.
http://www.identafone.comsite info

A set of low and high-level Data and Audio CD management utilities integrated into a common intuitive shell: a fault-tolerant Data CD browser and contents reader, audio CD digital extractor, CD media analysis tool and tester.
http://www.cdroller.comsite info

Synchromagic - performs foolproof synchronization of files and directories, either one-way or bi-directionally. Bubble's Squares - visual memory game played on a 5x5 grid with items placed randomly.
http://www.gelosoft.comsite info

Advanced command line tools for DOS, Windows and OS/2. Use the text-mode tools 4DOS, 4NT and 4OS2 to replace the operating systemís built-in command processor, or use the Take Command GUI tools for a feature rich desktop look and feel.
http://www.jpsoft.comsite info

Computer support and repair service company located in Dallas, Texas, with on-site technical and web based remote support services. Also includes a list of downloads such as a Spam plugin, computer audit, image burner, spyware, and virus removal.
http://www.3tpro.comsite info

WinaXe--enables access to different operating systems, connects different operating systems and their applications together. Axessh--remote system administration, file transfers, and access to corporate resources over the Internet.
http://www.labf.comsite info

JBMail - quick access to POP3 mail with minimal setup. JB-Dialer - DTMF (touch tone) speed dial with phone book. MakeTXT - removes non-ASCII characters from a file and fixes line ends to meet the standard PC format.
http://www.pc-tools.netsite info

Simplifies application interface by allowing to draw symbols with the mouse or any other pointing device. The symbols are further used to automate tasks such as multiple web site launching, macros and check accounts without typing passwords.
http://www.sensiva.comsite info

Downloads include eAuction Watcher, enabling the management of multiple auctions; Clickie, a utility that adds copy path name & open MS-DOS prompt to the context menu (right click) in Windows & Mole Calc, which calculates the weight of chemical compounds. info

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