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Chess games, puzzles, problems featuring global rankings, active forums, bi-monthly tournaments. The games are similar to correspondence chess: the player chooses when and how often he moves with no time limit.
http://www.gameknot.comsite info

Play correspondence chess through the web with strict time controls to win money prizes or play against the GNU chess engine. Chat to other players or post a message in the discussion forum. info

Popular games with chat rooms, rankings, ladders and tournaments. Word games, variations of pool, snooker, Shanghai, Scram and Roulette Darts, pinball, marbles, diamonds, dominoes, chess, poker, slots and card games.
https://www.gamedesire.comsite info

A collection of games including customizable role playing game, space action, and Arcadia, a multiplayer community with chess, pool, vehicle simulator and strategy games.
http://www.synthetic-reality.comsite info

Poker sets and tables, mini foosball tables, mini golf, air hockey tables, Chinese checkers, chess tables, boards, pieces, clocks, computers and chess sets, as well as backgammon, Mah Jong and Monoply games. Free web-based chess game.
http://www.1st-chess-sets.comsite info

Animated lessons to help chess players learn critical strategies, chess terms, back rank mates, and tournament preparation. View game analysis played by Bobby Fischer, Paul Morphy and other champions. Play against a human or the computer.
http://www.academicchess.comsite info

Play a version of Rival Chess against players from all over the world. A chess community with forums, rankings, public games, and tournaments.
http://www.redhotpawn.comsite info

Simple chess game. Play against the computer on dedicated servers hosting multiple games. Bookmark games and return to them at any time.
http://chess.delorie.comsite info

Forums, clubs, web-based chess games, mini games, tournaments and e-books, as well as chess boards, sets, pieces, software, books, demos and travel accessories.
http://www.chessmaniac.comsite info

Several play modes available: standard, lightning, suicide, bughouse, tandem. Guide, commands, and full documentation on how to start/play the game. info

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