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Play-by-post RPG where players post messages to interact with other characters. Characters must not be too powerful and should treat others with respect. A family friendly search engine is available as well.
http://www.desertrealm.comsite info

A collection of games including customizable role playing game, space action, and Arcadia, a multiplayer community with chess, pool, vehicle simulator and strategy games.
http://www.synthetic-reality.comsite info

Star Wars and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns using message boards. The game/dungeon master posts a message in the board telling the players what's happening in the adventure. After reading, the players post replies with their character's actions.
http://www.roleplayinggames.netsite info

A Javascript based game where players create their own characters to fight the enemy, fight monsters using spells, weapons, gain levels and make their way to the top of the high score chart.
http://www.rpgbattle.comsite info

Roleplaying and 3D combat games where you create a character, build skills and learn spells with help from the game master, mentors and game hosts. Choose from DragonRealms, Hercules & Xena, GemStone, ModusOperandi and CyberStrike. Free trial. info

Three fantasy RPG games. Court the favour of the nobles of Castle Marrach, seek adventure in The Eternal City or become the Galactic Emperor. Includes a vast library of articles about game design and game play.
http://www.skotos.netsite info

Multiplayer role playing adventure game in which political guile and deceitful are as important as strength in swordplay or the magical arts.
http://www.avalon-rpg.comsite info

Multi-user dungeon with a large community active players. Browser-based role-playing with a wide range of characters to play: 15 classes and 20 races. Custom character pages are available for purchase.
http://www.hollowgame.comsite info

Magical world where beasts have learned to speak and walk upon two legs. Control an avatar of your choice and explore this magical world. Choose between canine, equine, feline and more. Socialize with other members, accept challenges in other games.
http://www.furcadia.comsite info

Internet-based fantasy role-playing for those who have purchased Ultima Online: The Second Age; Third Dawn; Lord Blackthorn's Revenge or Age of Shadows.
http://www.uo.comsite info

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