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Gimpsy Competition Rules

Important: The following are the rules for the current competition. We reserve the right to change the rules between competitions, so make sure you are familiar with and understand all the rules if you wish to take part.

The full terms and conditions are outlined in the following questions and answers:

What can I win?

In the current competition there are two prizes:
First prize - 25 USD
Second prize - 10 USD
All finalists will get an honorary mention, with an optional link to a site of their choice, next to their name. (The Editorial Team may, at its discretion, refuse to accept links which are too long or that point to inappropriate sites or pages.)

There will be a series of competitions and the prizes may change from one to the other.

How can I win?

The winner of the competition will be the user that entered the longest accepted search phrase.

An 'accepted search phrase' is a search text that fulfills ALL the following conditions:

  1. It forms a grammatically correct English sentence when the phrase 'I want to' is added in front of the entered text.
  2. It results in Gimpsy showing a list of sites.
  3. The sites shown must not be from the 'Adult' section of Gimpsy.

For example, the following are acceptable entries:
[I want to] buy books.
[I want to] order pizza.

The following are unacceptable entries:
[I want to] books buy (Incorrect English - no sites shown)
[I want to] buy books home and garden hobbies and crafts (Incorrect English - sites shown).

The winner of the second prize will be randomly selected from all the remaining finalists.

Please note: You may not use any third level category (or lower) that was mentioned in previous competition results. For example, if a previous competition entry was "buy books on business and economics", the sites found by it were in the category "buy > books > business & economics". New entries may still use the 'buy' category, or even the 'buy > books' category, but not the 'business & economics' subcategory in it.

If I win the first prize, how can I get it?

You can either get a voucher to an online store of your choice, or be credited with the specified amount to a Paypal ( account.

Who may participate?

The competition is open to every Registered Gimpsy User over the age of 13. Gimpsy employees, Editors and associates may not take part.

I am not interested. Can I remove myself?

Indeed you can. Simply untick the box labeled 'Participate in the Gimpsy competition' in your Preferences. Please note that if you do take part in a competition and later remove yourself, your entries (for the active competition) will be deleted.

How do I submit an entry?

There is no need to explicitly submit an entry. Every search phrase entered in Gimpsy automatically becomes a competition entry candidate. The Editors will determine which phrase fulfills all the competition requirements, as explained above. Following the acceptance of your first eligible phrase, you will receive an email that invites you to take part in the competition. You may accept or decline the invitation.

Should you accept, the phrase will be entered into the top entry table. Should you decline, the phrase will be removed and you will not be invited again. To re-enter simply change the entry in your Preferences.

Editor's judgment is final. No correspondence will be entered into concerning their decision.

How will I know if the entry was accepted?

You will receive an email as soon as your entry is approved. You will also be notified of the exact rank of your entry (1-20) in the finalist (Top Entries) table when it is approved.

Will I be notified if my entry was not accepted?

No. If at the time of entering the search phrase your entry is already shorter than the last entry in the Top Entries table, it will not be considered at all.

I was notified that my entry was accepted, but I cannot see it in the 'Top Entries' table. How come?

That happens when your entry is among the top of all entries - they are hidden. This is done to prevent other competitors from viewing the best entries and attempting to build upon them.

Will I be notified if my entry is no longer in the Top Entries table?

Yes. You will get an email if your entry was 'pushed out' from the Top Entries' table. You will also be notified if your entry was demoted from first place.

How many entries are in the Top Entries table?

At the moment there is room for just 20.

How do you judge the length of an entry?

The entries are judged by the number of words first, then by the number of characters.

What happens if first place ends in a tie?

In case of a tie, the earlier entry takes precedence.

Can I submit several entries?

As many as you like but only one entry (your BEST) will be kept in the 'Top Entries' table.

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