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Gimpsy Help - Joining the Team


I am new to Gimpsy. What is this site all about?

An overview of the site is available in Gimpsy - An Overview. Please read it first.

Why should I join Gimpsy?

Probably for the same reasons that we are here: gaining a unique opportunity to create something different on the Internet. An opportunity to work in a genuinely 'virtual' and cosmopolitan company, alive 24 hours a day. A vibrant, friendly and supporting group of people fired up by the vision of Gimpsy becoming the leading site for transforming Internet searching into an enjoyable experience. As this vision becomes a reality, Gimpsy will enjoy commercial success, shared by its team members.

How is Gimpsy editorial team structured?

Broadly speaking, the Gimpsy Editorial Team includes Editors and Senior Editors (SE). Each Editor is assigned to a designated SE whose task is to guide, instruct and coach the Editor- in short, to serve as his/her mentor.

What does an Editor do?

The Editors are primarily responsible for identifying, analyzing, documenting, and describing new sites and their basic product (i.e. - service), and for preparing a record ready for input to the Gimpsy database. Editors are Gimpsy's indefatigable 'foot soldiers'. Their importance cannot be overestimated, since Gimpsy relies very heavily on labor-intensive and painstaking human indexing.

What does a Senior Editor do?

Senior Editors (SEs) perform an overall quality control function. They are responsible for ensuring that the records entered by the Editors are accurate and conform to Gimpsy's content rules, and must approve each site before it is available for the users. SEs also develop, document and maintain the classification structure (category tree). Finally, SEs are responsible for mentoring, coaching and continuously reviewing and monitoring their Editors' activities.

Talking of Quality Assurance, what exactly is the process?

Gimpsy has an 'open door' policy for many aspects of its operation. For instance, every Gimpsy user can suggest a site to be included in Gimpsy. The suggestion will always indicate which branch of the Gimpsy category tree is most suitable for that site. The Editor in charge of that branch will review the suggested site and either Dismiss (the site does not fit the Gimpsy's criteria) or Submit it. As each Editor has a designated SE, the submitted site will be forwarded to the SE, who after reviewing the site and the Editor's entry, will either Reject or Approve the site. Only sites that are Approved will become visible to the Search community on the Gimpsy site.

I am an experienced Editor, can I join Gimpsy as a Senior Editor?

If you have worked elsewhere as an Editor of an Internet Directory, we would be honored should you choose to join our team. When you do, you will discover that there is much more to Gimpsy than meets the eyes. Hence, we believe that to be an effective Senior Editor you will benefit greatly from a period of Editorial work. If you are a hard worker and produce consistently reliable results, you will be promoted and your contribution will be acknowledged and recognized.

I have no prior experience as an Editor, Can I still join?

Indeed you can. We are looking for bright, highly articulate people with an excellent command of the English language. Being a Gimpsy Editor requires tenacity, self-motivation, the ability to face mental challenges and derive satisfaction from overcoming them. You must be a heavy Internet user, with many hundreds of hours of online browsing, playing, chatting, buying and researching under your belt. In addition, you must excel in using Search Engines and Directories. Preferably, you will possess an in depth knowledge in one of the areas covered by Gimpsy, such as playing games, obtaining finance, comparing prices, selling shares etc.

Most importantly, though, we are looking for team players, individuals who will contribute to other team members and allow others to contribute to them. Needless to say, people are accepted to our team on merit only - no other considerations (age, gender, religion, origin etc.) are taken into account. Once accepted, every candidate, without exception, will work on a trial basis for an agreed period of time.

Where will my work place be?

Wherever you wish, as long as you have the necessary equipment: A good specification PC, running Windows 98 or later, with Internet Explorer 5.x or higher. Obviously, you also need a good and stable connection to the Internet. A 56K modem connection is probably acceptable, but anything better will greatly improve your productivity and enjoyment from your Editorial work.

What are the employment terms?

Since Gimpsy does not have an office and employs people from around the globe, we don't have 'working hours'. In general, both Editors' and Senior Editors' remuneration is directly linked to their performance and productivity. As payment expectations vary enormously from country to country, our payment scales may be considered both 'appalling' and 'amazing' - depending on the yardstick used. If you're interested, please contact us and we will provide exact details.

I am interested in hearing more. What should I do next?

Important notice: In a dynamic environment like Gimpsy, the employment situation can change rapidly. This Help page does not indicate that we can or will recruit additional Editors at the time that you choose to approach us.

If you decide to apply, please send an email to with a full C.V. (Resume). Tell us briefly what you like about Gimpsy and in which areas you see yourself as contributing to the Team. Also indicate what are your hourly rate expectations (in USD). We treat all the information received in full confidentiality and endeavor to reply within days.

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