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Gimpsy Help - Registered Users


How do I use my Gimpsy favorites feature?

The 'Gimpsy favorites' is simply a form of online bookmarks. The main difference between the Gimpsy favorites system and most other online systems is in the way the bookmarks are organized. In Gimpsy, every site that you 'bookmark' is already classified for you - in exactly the same way as it is classified in the public directory.

For example, say you were looking for a good site to purchase curtains for your home. Using Gimpsy, you found a really nice site in the 'Buy > home & garden > window covering' category. You bought the curtains and were happy with your purchase. Although you may not need to buy curtains very often, it would be nice to keep the site aside for future reference. Gimpsy allows you to do just that - in a very simple way.

How do I add sites to my Gimpsy favorites collection?

When searching for sites at Gimpsy as a registered user (assuming that you are logged in), you will find at the right side of each site a short link with the text '', with a tiny picture of an open folder. Once you decide which site you want to put in your Gimpsy favorites simply click on that link. The page will refresh and you will notice two changes:
  • The 'keep it' link is greyed out - that indicates that the site is now in your collection.
  • On the dark-gold horizontal bar at the top of the page a new link appeared with the text '' and a small picture of a closed folder next to it.

Click on the '' link and you will see the site you have just set aside, neatly placed in the same category as it was in the public directory. To get back to the general directory, click on the '' link and you will get the full list again. In fact, the link '' will be visible on every public category from which you have taken a site into your Gimpsy favorites. Conveniently, by placing even one site in your Gimpsy favorites you will see the '' link on the table with verbs on the Gimpsy Home Page. Consequently, you don't have to enter 'My Gimpsy' in order to get access to your Gimpsy favorites - they are available from the Home Page itself!

You can browse and search in your private Gimpsy directory exactly the same way as the public directory. Additionally, you also have the option to search keywords within titles and descriptions. Obviously, you will only find sites in the private folder that you have placed in there yourself!

How do I remove sites from my Gimpsy favorites?

If you no longer wish to have a site in your Gimpsy favorites, just click on the link next to the site you want removed, and it will disappear. If it was the only site in that category, the category will also not show up anymore.

Can I add to my Gimpsy favorites sites that are not currently in Gimpsy?

Not at the moment, although this option may be added in the future. Actually, if you know of a suitable site, why not suggest it? If accepted, it will enrich the search experience of all Gimpsy users, and you will be able to add it to your Gimpsy favorites!

Can I change the category or modify the description of sites in my Gimpsy favorites?

Sorry - no. The only decision you can make about a site is either to include it in your Gimpsy favorites or not.

Which of my registration details may I change?

You may change anything you wish. Please be aware, though, that the email address is used for more than just your login ID. If you change it, you must ensure that it is a valid address, otherwise you will not be able to receive emails from Gimpsy. This can be particularly frustrating if you have forgotten your password, as a new one will be sent to that email address.

Do registered users need to open an account?

Not at all. All Gimpsy services are free of charge.

Why should I trust you with my Credit Card details?

We are doing all that we possibly can to safeguard your privacy and sensitive financial information. The Credit Card details are transmitted to us via the most secure way available electronically. The details are not stored on file and there is no record kept of them. They are only used once to verify the integrity of the Credit Card details you provide. There is no payment involved - the credit card records will not show any transaction related to Gimpsy - because there will be none!

What does 'claim ownership on a site' mean?

When you 'claim' a site, as far as Gimpsy is concerned, you then become the recognized 'owner'. Obviously, the site must be approved for inclusion before you can claim it. If your claim is successful, Gimpsy will view you as the legitimate Site Owner. You will enjoy the following benefits once you have claimed your site:
  • Receive a monthly email with detailed information about the site's performance in Gimpsy.
  • Gain access to the Gimpsy editorial team, with the option to request changes to your site's record.
  • Take part in the monthly auction, to promote your site's position in the directory.
  • Suggest a 'reciprocal promotion', to boost your site's standing in the directory.

Further details are available in a separate help file to site owners that have successfully claimed their site.

How can you tell who owns what site?

At first - we cannot. When a site is first entered into Gimpsy we associate it with an email address that we have good reasons to believe (usually because it is explicitly written on the site itself) that the person behind the email address is likely to be the site owner. Since we are not sure - we call that person the 'Assumed Owner'. The only information we have about the Assumed Owner is an email address.

If so, I can claim any site I wish, right? ( would be nice...)

Indeed, you may claim any site, but you are unlikely to be successful if you just picked a site at random. Here's why...

When we receive your claim, Gimpsy compares your email address to the Assumed Owner's email address. If they are identical - you will get an email that contains a claim verification link. All you need to do is click on that link - and the site will be successfully claimed. You will then be the registered owner of that site.

If, however, your email address is different from the one of the Assumed Owner, an email will be sent to the Assumed Owner, asking him to approve your claim. If he agrees - the ownership is transferred to you. It is entirely his decision. Obviously, he can claim the site himself there and then. As to, well, don't raise your expectations too high.

Why is it so difficult to communicate with you via email?

Sadly, the email systems are now heavily infested by spam. As an organization that deals with the public at large, we did not feel that a filtering system would be sensitive enough to properly clean our mailbox. Hence, we invested in a Customer Relationship Management system. The system ensures that we only receive genuine communication. It also allows us to keep track of open issues and provide you with a timely response. We hope that once you try it - you will appreciate the benefits to both sides in using it.

How then do I ask the Gimpsy team a question?

Just click on the 'ask the Gimpsy team a question' link and fill in the form. You will get a reply as soon as possible, usually in the same day - via email.

I received a reply. What can I do now?

That would depend on how satisfied you are with it. In the email you will find two URLs. If you are happy with the reply, you can click on the 'close the issue' link - and that's it. If, however, you would like to continue the discussion, ask for clarification and such like, use the other link to 'reopen' the issue. Incidentally, if you don't do anything for about two weeks, the issue will be closed automatically, on your behalf.

You can see all your communications with the Gimpsy Customer Relations team by clicking on 'track the status of previous communication to Gimpsy'. Any non-closed issue will have the above options clearly available.

I have something to say that other users may want to hear. Do you allow it?

Indeed we do - and we welcome it too! We have created a Forum for our community to discuss, debate, suggest or ask each other and/or the Gimpsy team anything related to the site. Simply click on the 'discuss any aspect of Gimpsy in the Gimpsy Forum' link. Please note that to participate in the Forum you will have to register again. Unfortunately, the two systems do not share a common authentication database.

Do I get any preferential treatment when suggesting a site from 'My Gimpsy'?

No. Your suggestion will be treated with the same respect as all other suggestions.

Is there any benefit from suggesting a site as a registered user?

If you suggest a site as a registered user, you can see all your suggestions at a glance, and their status.
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