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Gimpsy Directory - Terms and Conditions


This page of Terms and Conditions provides the legal framework under which the Gimpsy Directory (hereafter referred to as 'Gimpsy') and its employees are providing services to its users. Detailed explanations on the nature of the directory, the selection and inclusion process and much more is available from the main Help page. In particular, the following section should be read and agreed to prior to requesting any service from Gimpsy and its staff.

The Service

Gimpsy is a selective repository of links to web sites. Any web site suggested for inclusion will undergo a thorough review by trained Editors to determine whether it meets the required criteria or not. There is no fee associated with including a site in Gimpsy. Users may also suggest sites for inclusion in the Directory free of charge. However, due to the large volume of such requests, the editorial team has limited capacity to review such suggestions in a timely manner. Users have the option of requesting an allocation of Editorial time for a review to be done within a specified time frame.

Please note that paying for a fast review of the web site has no bearing on the editorial decision. Sites will be included in Gimpsy (or refused inclusion) based on their content, as described in detail in the Help section. Similarly, paying for a quick review does not give the site owner (or the submitter) any extra priviledges regarding the classification of the site, the description accompanying it and such like that other users do not have.


Site owners should not submit for review sites that offer any of the following:
  • Tobacco products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Weapons and knives
  • Satellite and cable TV descramblers
  • Pornography
  • Government IDs and licences including replicas and novelty items
  • Unlicensed lotteries or gambling services
  • Prepaid debit cards or other stored value cards that are not associated with a particular merchant and are not limited to purchases of particular products or services
  • Multi-level marketing, pyramid selling or ponzi schemes, matrix programmes or other 'get rich quick' schemes or high yield investment programmes
  • Goods or services that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.


Current prices can be found on the following page.

Please note that Gimpsy reserves the right to modify its pricing structure at any time. However, the price that was valid at the time that a site was submitted will be honoured.

Delivery Policy

The expected time for the delivery of service paid for by the user is fixed at the time of payment and the details are provided on the following page.

Return Policy

There is no applicable return policy, as Gimpsy provides only a site review service and does not ship any tangible goods.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Gimpsy provides a guarantee for a timely review of the site within the specified time frame. The exact refund details are provided at the time of submitting a site for review and are found here.

If appropriate, refunds are returned to the users within 7 working days of making a decision. Claims for a refund are accepted up to 60 days from the day that the site was submitted to Gimpsy for review.

Privacy Policy disclaimer

For security reasons Gimpsy requires registration prior to submitting a site for review. As part of the registration procvess, Gimpsy would verify the email address of the registered user by sending an email to that address.

Gimpsy does not store any customer's financial details.

Gimpsy will never sell, distribute or provide any details about the users' information to anyone, unless required to do so by a court of law.

Customer service contact information

Gimpsy Customer Services

Phone: +44 (0)7973 269 614
Address: 12 Templars Avenue
  London NW11 0PD

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