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Gimpsy Privacy Policy

  • We will not divulge personal details to any third party, unless demanded to do so by a court of law.

  • We are not gathering any personal details regarding your activity on site. When activity is recorded, it is always accumulated over time and never traceable to a particular user. For example, we may want to know how many people have visited the 'Buy' category in a given month, but we are not interested in (and will never record) information that will allow us, or any third party, to identify those visitors.

  • Whenever personal information is requested or expected, such as the country of residence, it is only done for the purpose of providing the user a better service and a better search experience.

  • The user's preferences are stored in a cookie on the user's computer. This is done to avoid re-entering the same information every time the user visits the site. Since the information is not recorded or maintained centrally, Gimpsy is not aware of personal preferences, other than during the time that the user searches Gimpsy for information.

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