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Gimpsy Web Directory Unveils Improvements, Teams With ExactSeek

Press Release published by, Wednesday 05, February 2003

Gimpsy is an Internet directory that categorizes sites in a new and unique way. Unlike other Internet directories, which categorize sites according to their subject, Gimpsy is concerned first and foremost with the service that a site provides.

How do you make a good directory better? Gimpsy ( has announced a number of internal and external improvements that are bound to push it further into the limelight.

External transformation included teaming with the ExactSeek ( Search Engine and directory. Gimpsy users now have the option to search this directory from any search page. Similarly, users of those directories have access to the Gimpsy search facilities.

"We have entirely different systems, scope and purposes," remarked Mordechai Chachamu, Owner and Founder of Gimpsy, "which perfectly compliment each other." Gimpsy hand classifies only interactive sites, placing them in activity based categories; ExactSeek uses a 'self classification' fully automated system, which enabled it to grow, in a short period of time, to more than one million entries.

"We don't get search results from Gimpsy nor do we provide them with our own data," explained Mel Strocen, President of Jayde Online, owners of, "we simply open a door to each other's facilities and invite the users to use them � as and when they think it is to their benefit."

Internally, Gimpsy has been working around the clock to make itself one of the biggest assets on the net. First target for improvement were the search facilities. Users that like to use Natural Language queries will be glad to find that Gimpsy is fully tolerant to the use of plural and singular forms of nouns. Asking to 'buy a ticket for theatre' or 'buy tickets for theatre' will get identical search results. For users that prefer keyword based searching, Gimpsy is now able to scan all the descriptions, titles and URLs in its database and bring up the matching results. After the appropriate category is found, search results can be further filtered by using keywords, location and other (category specific) criteria. Many new categories were added, as were several thousand new sites.

Searchers aren't the only people to benefit from Gimpsy's latest improvements. Site owners will now find suggesting their site to the appropriate category to be a much easier task. Clicking on a small 'closed book' symbol, located next to a category name, opens a small help file. This file reveals the internal criteria used by the Gimpsy Editorial Team to assess the suitability of a site to that category. If it doesn't fit � you shouldn't submit!

Helping users and communicating with them has always been one of the first priorities of Gimpsy. From the start, it boasted an impressive array of communication channels including an extensive online Help, covering every aspect of Gimpsy from both the Searcher and the Site Owner point of view and answers most of the questions one may have about the site and the people behind it; an internal Forum that allows registered users to share their thoughts, comments and suggestions with other community members and the Gimpsy Team, a purpose built Customer Relations Management (CRM) system, providing registered users with the ability to raise issues directly with the Gimpsy Team, get private replies and have a comprehensive follow-up and resolution method; and an automated email system that keeps users updated about any development that may be of interest to them, as Searchers or Site Owners. There is no need to chase the Gimpsy Team, or to check the site logs for traces of visits from them. When appropriate, the email notification is fired automatically.

If all that wasn't enough, there is now yet another way for the users to communicate with the Gimpsy Team: a small speech bubble at the bottom of every page on site. Click on it � and you can chat live, in real time and in private, with one of the Gimpsy Team members. Users can raise issues, ask for assistance or make suggestions. In many instances, an online chat of a few minutes can save many hours of email communication. This ground breaking feature makes Gimpsy the only directory willing to speak one-on-one with searchers and site owners in real time.

As far as Gimpsy users are concerned, the days of cold, unfriendly search engines that make them wait weeks, if not months, for a reply to even the most basic of questions are over. "Gimpsy was conceived and created with a very clear vision: To make the search experience on the Internet enjoyable", says Mr. Chachamu. "We believe that wide-open communication channels are an essential ingredient of that experience."

More about ExactSeek

ExactSeek is owned and operated by Jayde online, incorporated 1998. The company is primarily involved in the publication of email newsletters and the development of niche and general search engines. ExactSeek is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Gimpsy Offers an Innovative Approach to Web Searching

Press Release published by, Wednesday 30, October 2002

Unlike traditional search tools that require manipulation of keywords and phrases, Gimpsy provides a Natural Language Search facility. Simply complete the sentence 'I want to...' and obtain the list of sites where you can do whatever you asked for.

Have you ever wanted to search for something on the Internet and just didn't know where to begin, or how to phrase your search in a way that would actually get you correct results? Gimpsy offers a radically new solution to this common problem.

Unlike traditional search tools that require manipulation of keywords and phrases, Gimpsy provides a Natural Language Search facility. Simply complete the sentence 'I want to...' and obtain the list of sites where you can do whatever you asked for. Gimpsy understands requests like "Buy computer books", "Chat about wrestling", "Play a space simulation game", "Download shareware screensaver for Windows" or even "Write to Santa". No unrelated sites, no hassle - just precise results

The key to Gimpsy's ability to match sites to users' requests is its singular classification method. Instead of classifying sites using broad areas of life, like 'business', 'entertainment', 'health' or 'government', Gimpsy starts the classification with the service provided by the site. What can users actually do on the site? Accordingly, sites are categorized by actions such as 'buy', 'play', 'listen', 'chat' and 'bet'.

Mr Christopher Ridings, a Search Engines expert from commented: �Gimpsy is probably the best thought out directory I've ever seen. It's best used when you want to do something in particular, and not just look for information. � Gimpsy outstrips all in its class and when used for the right kind of query should be ideal for new searchers and experienced searchers alike.�

"Active Sites for Active People" is the company's message. An international team of expert editors hand select every site to ensure that it meets Gimpsy's strict inclusion criteria. "Of course this is a long and laborious task, but it's the only way to achieve the high standards we set ourselves." says Mordechai Chachamu, the founder and CEO of The Parity Bit Ltd., the company that owns and develops Gimpsy.

For the experienced users, Gimpsy offers many ways to further refine the search results. For example, they can be limited by geographical location or by payment requirement. Registered users can keep sites they like in a special 'favorites' list. They also gain access to the internal discussion forum, where they may communicate directly with the Gimpsy team.

In development for the last 18 months, Gimpsy's interface is as clean, simple and functional as possible. "We aim to provide the best 'finding service' and continuously work to refine and improve it. Anything that gets in the way is thrown out", says Mr Chachamu. Hence, no banners, pop-ups, buttons or elaborate graphics to slow down response time. One concession was made, though. It is the picture of a cute hamster pet, who gave the site its unusual name.

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