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Help - Reciprocal Promotion with Gimpsy


What is the purpose of the Reciprocal Promotion Agreement?

In essence, the Reciprocal Promotion Agreement is a mechanism to encourage users of Gimpsy to visit the promoted site and for visitors in the promoted site to try out the Gimpsy directory.

How does a site get promoted in Gimpsy?

The promotion has two elements, positional and visual.

Promoted sites appear among the first places in their category. Moreover, the site keeps its position in the search results during the monthly reshuffle. Sites that do not have such an agreement, and did not win a favorable position in the monthly auction, get a randomly allocated position for the duration of the month.

Visually, a promoted site gets enhanced listing by appearing on a highlighted background, the title font is bold and it acquires a distinct 'golden star' next to it.

How can I promote Gimpsy on my web site?

We have prepared a number of 'link to us' options. Implementing them on your site will be considered as fulfilling your side of the agreement.

What kind of agreement is this?

This is a 'good-will' agreement on both sites. The site owner doesn't have to offer it and Gimpsy doesn't have to accept it. Moreover, each side is at liberty to discontinue it at any time. We will give at least two weeks notice if we intend to make any changes at Gimpsy that will affect the promoted site, and we expect a similar notice from the site owner.

What positions exactly are reserved for promoted sites?

Promoted sites are given top positions, but not above sites that have won the monthly auction.

Is there a limit to the number of reserved places?

Indeed there is, and it changes from category to category as a function of the number of sites in it. It is unlikely to exceed 5 sites, though.

If there are several sites that wish to be promoted in the same category, how will you rank them?

There is no formula to determine the rank. However, the following considerations will be taken into account:
How popular is the site?
That may be determined, among other things, by
  • the number of links to it from other Search Engines
  • the PageRank as measured by Google
  • the rank in the Alexa ranking etc.
How prominent is the Gimpsy promotion?
Relevant factors would be
  • the number of visitors actually sent by the site to Gimpsy
  • the position of the Gimpsy link on the page
  • the type of link - is it just text or does it include an image is it on the Home Page or an internal page does it appear on many pages or just one etc.

My site appears in several categories. Will it be promoted in all of them?

Not necessarily. As detailed in the previous answer, Gimpsy will consider a number of factors and will determine the level of promotion that it will offer to the site owner.

I understand that a link with an image is better - may I link to the image on your server?

In case of a reciprocal agreement - you may not. Simply copy the image to your server and link to it internally.

How can I obtain such an agreement?

You must be a registered site owner (that is - successfully claimed your site). Then, use the internal communication link from the 'My Gimpsy' menu and let us know that you are interested and exactly what you have to offer. We will consider it and send you a reply as soon as possible. If both sides agree - that's all it takes.

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