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Reviews and Comments

1 Jun 2004 - A Web Directory that Helps you Do, not Find. David Wallace, CEO of Search Rank, first published on Search Engine Watch
"...Gimpsy is the only general purpose directory where you can enter a normal English phrase and get relevant results. ... you just tell Gimpsy what you want to do online, and it will show you which sites provide that service. "

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12 Mar 2003 - More Search Than Google: Try Gimpsy. Dr Elwyn Jenkins, Managing Editor Microdoc's News,
"...If you are ever searching for something and you can start that search with 'I want to...' [for example 'adopt', 'apply', 'make', and so on] then this is the search site for you. It is well worth a peek and I am sure you are going to come back here a lot when you start your search for information with 'I want to...' "

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21 Feb 2003 - Website of the week, National University of Ireland, Galway (James Hardiman Library),
"Interesting new search engine."

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13 Feb 2003 - Analysis of Gimpsy, by C. J. Newton, President and CEO of Mir Internet Marketing,
"... Gimpsy stands far apart from the rest of the field when it comes to searching. The interface, the search method, the advertising opportunities, and the actual contents of the directory are all radically different from traditional search engines."

"... Searching Gimpsy can be much easier than searching other directories and search engines."

"... Gimpsy has an innovative advertising scheme through which webmasters can bid for placement in the top results on any given search."

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14 Jan 2003 - Review of Gimpsy enhancements, by Christoper Ridings Search Engines expert,
"... What impresses me more is that whilst some SEs don't answer their communications, Gimpsy positively invites you to talk to them."

"... Gimpsy boasts improved natural language intelligence, but also now - keyword searches. This means you can just search for something like "Madonna". This lessens the learning burden on new users and is a wise move on Gimpsy's part."

"... And they've improved the help and information flow across many aspects of the site. Making it easier for webmasters to submit sites and, well, easier for everyone."

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29 Oct 2002 - Review,
"... Gimpsy is an action oriented directory of hand picked sites. By action oriented we mean that while most directories categorize sites according to subject, Gimpsy focus on the service a site provides."

"... Following the same logic, the catalogue structure is not divided into categories like "shopping" or "the Internet", but according to action terms like
Compare, Create, Download, Find, Buy, Play, Visit etc.
It is all quite unfamiliar, but it works."

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28 Oct 2002 - Review by Christopher Ridings, Search Engines expert,
"... Gimpsy takes a radically different approach to categorization. Sites undertake Gimpsy's human review and are then placed in to categories dependent on what the searcher can accomplish online when using it. At first this concept seems a little bit alien, but it really is remarkably easy."

"... Gimpsy boast superior natural language capabilities."

"... Gimpsy's natural language search is easy to get used to."

"... Gimpsy is probably the best thought out directory I've ever seen."

"... In summary, Gimpsy is a well thought engine that is ideal if you are looking to do something rather than just seeking general information. Through not conforming with the trends Gimpsy has created an ideal categorization and bid system for their purpose, one which provides a far superior user experience. Gimpsy is already well worth a visit for both searchers and advertisers, as it grows in popularity we can expect it to be a significant force in the search world. "

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