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Gimpsy improvements

My favourite directory, Gimpsy, tells me they've made some great improvements to an already great site. Whilst shameless plugs don't normally work on me, Gimpsy truelly deserves to be able to plug, so I'm going to recount them here.

For starters, there's their favourite feature. In their words allowing you to "horde [your] preferred sites in [your[ private Gimpsy directory". I don't use this myself because you have to be registered, which is a shame (maybe they'll do a cookie version at some point).

What impresses me more is that whilst some SEs don't answer their communications, Gimpsy positively invites you to talk to them:

If you see a small �speech bubble� at the bottom of the page � it�s a sign that a Gimpsy Team Member is available for questions or comments � online!

I won't need to tell regular readers how happy that makes me, or how sure I am that Gimpsy has a strong and great future. In fact, I wish Gimpsy would shout about this particular feature a bit more. Obviously visitors and webmasters are essential to directories, and Gimpsy is clearly making the most of communicating with them.

Gimpsy boasts improved natural language intelligence, but also now - keyword searches. This means you can just search for something like "Madonna". This lessons the learning burden on new users and is a wise move on Gimpsy's part.

And they've improved the help and information flow across many aspects of the site. Making it easier for webmasters to submit sites and, well, easier for everyone.

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