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More Search Than Google: Try Gimpsy

Most search engine marketers, website developers and many technical people consider that Google is the only game worth watching. This position is both unfair to the competition, and unfair to Google. There are lots of great developments out there of which we should be aware. There are some really good meta-search things happening which I wrote about last week, for example.

Last night, however I came across something really interesting -- this is probably not going to be one of those search sites that you make as your only site, but one worth looking at and one worth using when the need arises. There is much more than just Google and so, steer with me to take a peek at Gimpsy.

If you are ever searching for something and you can start that search with "I want to . . ." [for example "adopt", "apply", "make", and so on] then this is the search site for you. It is well worth a peek and I am sure you are going to come back here a lot when you start your search for information with "I want to . . ." In spite of our Microtoon today, there are other games to watch than Google!

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